Yamaha YZF r15v3

Enjoy Supersport with Ease

Next Generation 155 cc Super Sport inheriting R-DNA. Latest Super Sport Design & Technology, EG performance for fascinating Youngster. Feeling Aero dynamism from cover structure. Aggressive Face Design. VVA for torque full at all range of revolution.

The Calm Aggressor

Engine 155CC LC4V With VVA

The 155 cc, 6 speed, 4 valve, and the Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) engine will make the torque evenly in every engine speed. Equipped also with Liquid Cooled which will make the engine temperature stable.

Yamaha r15v3 Engine

Variable Valves Actuation (VVA)

VVA technology maintains maximum power and torque in every engine speed.

Yamaha r15v3 Graphics Logo

LED Head Light

The headlights use LED technology that emits brighter, more energy-efficient, and longer-lasting light.

Yamaha r15v3 Engine

Full Digital Speedometer + Shift Timing Light

Multifunctional digital speedometer, More informative and easy to see, also equipped with shift timing light allows the rider to obtain optimal performanc

Yamaha r15v3 Rear Tire

Hazard Lamp

Lights that function as a sign of emergency situations experienced by drivers * Law No.22 Year 2009, About Traffic and Road Transport Article 121 paragraph 1

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Wide Diameter Front Disc Brake

The front disc brake with a disc diameter of 282 mm provides optimum braking

Yamaha r15v3 Engine

New Design Aluminium Rear Arm

Aluminum Rear Arm is sturdy and has a light weight, providing a more stable motorcycle control.

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Super Wide Tire

Super wide tire (Front tire: 100 / 80-17, Rear tire: 140/70 -17) presents the stability of driving.

Yamaha r15v3 Engine

LED Tail Light

Back Lamps use LED technology that emits brighter, more energy-saving light, and lasts "

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Forged Piston & Diasil Cylinder

3X More Durable, 3X Stronger, 3X Lighter

Yamaha r15v3 Engine

Assist & Slipper Clutch

Assisted features that make the clutch lighter, and Slipper Clutch Features make smoother gearshift and faster acceleration.

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Up Side Down Front Suspension

Handling is more perfect, the motor is more stable, and looks more handsome when driving

Yamaha r15v3 Engine

R Series Design

Adopted the SPORTY YAMAHA R-SERIES DNA with sharp double headlights, rear and sleek rear body, and sturdy aerodynamic aerodynamics.

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Deltabox Frame

Deltabox frame is strong and sturdy, making driving more stable.

Yamaha r15v3 Engine

YZF r15v3 Color & Price

YZF r15v3

Showroom Price

BDT 525,000.00

YZF r15v3 Specifications